StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2d-controller, Unity


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I have question, how do you making character so soft? or so fun to play?

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the animations Are so Amazing!

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Go checkout the updated version here guys: Extended Ultimate 2D Controller by Tarodev (

It's much better. 


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i broke something


how do i reset?? and how do i dash?


i dun it

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Get this!

darn can't get better than 9.080

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idk how to play

i am pretty sure someone has beaten my personal record

Played for way too long. Managed 9.42s then decided I should probably stop! 😅 Really nice feel to the controls.

Only thing I'd note is that with an Xbox controller on Windows with the wireless dongle, jump is X/Y, whereas I'd expect it to be Adidn't stop it being fun though, obviously🙂


oh man its really amazing


why I went to the void :|

Public version has a few bugs, which are corrected in the extended script :)

soo i can't use the up arrow :(

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you have to use the space key, like in Terraria


In the extended version I use up/down for dash direction, so can't use it to jump.



Feels amazing! One small bug where sometimes when falling you will stall around half a Unity-Unit above the ground for 2 seconds, then fall. Other than that, it's perfecto


Yeah, I also got the same bug, I think it should be something related to unity web gl. 


so nice of you to make this open source. I hate using rigidbodies, and while I have written a platforming controller without it, I cant get it to feel near as good as this one. Good Job :)


When I am waiting for queue in games, I can't help but keep playing this on repeat.
Feels Amazing.


Glad you're enjoying it :)


Love it! Thank you for doing this and sharing the code. Do you have any plans on extending it e.g. by adding moving platforms? Celeste has them and they are really tricky to figure out properly

Hey piotr, glad you like it and I hope it can help you out.
I'll be extending the script on my patreon and taking feature requests. I'll be eventually adding things like: double jump, dash, moving platforms, wall jumps etc


Awesome, thank you. I'm now supporting you on Patreon.

Appreciate it mate 🙏

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awesome work, it fills: *chef kiss*


feeling goooood, great work, loving the colour-matched particles


Thanks blobby