A downloadable game for Windows

Warning: Do not pick up the cube while you're dead, it soft-locks the game

"What if the companion cube was a dice with abilities on each face?", that's what Shutter Labs is. 

A game created by Tarodev & Mental Checkpoint

TIP: If you lose your dice just walk away and it'll respawn back to you :)

 Work your way through puzzles using your trusty Shutter Cube as both leverage to reach higher ledges, but keep in mind that each throw, is a dice roll, potentially causing you to swap places with your cube or you know, spontaneously combust... 

 23 Levels, 4.5 Unique abilities and... some development commentary no one asked for.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
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TagsFirst-Person, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

Download -> unzip -> run Shutter Labs.exe


Jam Build 103 MB


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really fun game!! i love it

Yeah I think the game is unplayable now

had the same problem

Pause button?

having no idea what the initial ability does

mac version pls


The idea is an incredible idea, and I feel very jealous for you having had the idea first. Although, the game itself is pretty poorly executed.

I actually have a lot of ideas that could make this way better than it is now. If only you hadn't made it first...

The game being made with Unity, do you mind exporting it for Linux and Mac. It could be awesome.

Btw it doesn't run under wine: `Unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.IoCreateFileEx`

One thing I've come across is that after dying, the vertical view axis is off. Moving your view all the way down doesn't stop at straight down, it goes a bit further, causing forwards/backwards movement to invert

Cool game, but there are some unintended solutions. For example, the level that comes after the swap upgrade can be solved by standing on top of the door and jumping in the hole.

A really nice demo. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it for 3 tries because of some game breaking bugs.

First video shows light version of rocket lock and cube effect reactivation bug


Also buttons don't turn off after I remove cube from them

Deleted 134 days ago

Anyone got this working on wine?

working with proton

alright I’ll try it


Ok so i played the game after watching the video so i knew a few of the bugs.

i beat the entire game with only 1 explosive.

i love the game and would gladly pay for a full version if/when it comes to steam, but anyway here are all the bugs/issues i noted
1. ()
i dont think the cube is supposed to get here, and its kinda hard to get it out

2. you can walk on the magnet walls on the edges of pits (yall know about this)

3. () dropping the cube with your back to a wall while looking down lets it go though walls

4. () you can die through the glass

5. () when the cube teleport to you in a corridor you can get stuck

6. () missile launchers don't trigger if you don't have a cube near you

7. () without teleport you get entirely stuck in this pit, and if you have teleport its near impossible to roll due to the biased luck, i would suggest a toggle for the luck so you can disable it if you need.

8. its not clear what the yellow side does, i somehow managed to not roll it in 3 full playthroughs

9. spamming m1+m2 allows you to hold the cube and walk at normal speed

anyway 10/10 would bug again

thx for reading

Hahahah xD great report on the bugs 😁

im pretty sure i cheesed most of the levels

the concept is good but the execution just sucks

a lot of the time you dont know what to do

still congrats on making this :)

Very good game, I just remembered "Portal"

Good game. I loved the use of the cube.

This was a fun and interesting game. Keep up the great work! 


I managed to get in the unreachable room after you obtain the blast ability. It's pretty cool that you can do stuff like this in the game!


Apologies we didn't find enough time to actually put something there! :D


Disappointed that the raised hallway in the first level where you have to blow up a wall didn't have anything in it.   I even brought the cube all the way back to test.

That's dedication... I appreciate it. We ran out of time unfortunately ><

c'est la vie.  Sometimes you have to cut the stuff that's just kinda neat.


Would be awesome if you could compile it for Linux/MacOS/SteamDeck!


So I played the game and liked it....then 4 days later played it again but this time made a video about it so...: 


dang, doesn't seem to run on linux.


I completed the whole game on linux using wine + DXVK, didn't have any issues whatsoever.

Huh. I wonder what's wrong on my end, then.

I'm using wine-staging (7.13) with DXVK (1.10.2), didn't install mono or .net

If you have a black screen after Unity Logo you probably didn't install DXVK correctly, otherwise i have no clue.

It's not even that, the game just doesn't seem to start

(1 edit)

So just technicalities:

Not only that you can run through the "trenches" by the yellow plate. But you can just jump the gap without the cube. 

About advanced throw in the "first level" you can just simple throw the cube from the nearest point (stairs), which completely bypass the advanced throw, which I discovered just in the first sentient level.

Best use of cube against rockets it throwing it at them - no need for sentience or magnetism. And rocket launchers are weird, sometimes they shoot, sometimes they don't.

The last use of magnetism (in the ceiling) can also be just thrown, which completely ruins the idea.

The invisible luck is a really low and should be like tripled. Also any Chance is boring in a grind, so a mechanic to roll the cube in your hands would be totally perfect. Just a big random shake to have it rotate in your hands rather than by a wall which takes like 5x more time.

Also be careful with the blue walls they didn't stretched everywhere they should have.

Anyway it was a pretty good game with a lot of going on but the mechanics would need just a little bit a polishing (that you just don't get in game jams). Hope you keep up the good work :)

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Really fun game, although te repeat ability is completely skippable and the magnet is only required for the last room...  (Also the "hardest room" becomes pretty easy by using the green side to get some height and you can just run through the rocket rooms to get to the checkpoint) 


The 'hardest room' was probably sarcastic as you can just jump on a cube to finish it.  What is more interesting is that if found a way to complete the game with just explosion and magnet... 

Edit 2: Explosion is only required in one room (the room with the cracking wall)

There are only 2 places where abilities are really required (maybe three, the skip is really hard to do and requires a restart if you get it wrong, it might be possible to do a cube jump in the room before the last)

I just found a skip making it possible to finish the game with only two uses of the abilities


I can't get past the last rocket room because I keep getting soft-locked and forced to restart the whole game.

Damn, that rocket bug is a total bummer >< Sorry about that.

I've found throwing the cube at the rocket is the best way to get through. To avoid to softlock make sure you don't pickup the cube after dying (which should be impossible anyway :D)


I did eventually get it by throwing the block at the rocket and I thought that you did a really good job on the ending.

Same, I got stuck there twice and one time somewhere earlier, it is a fun game with some replayability but not enough to repeat it 4 times in a row lmao


Theres a glitch where if you juke a rocket you can get stuck not diying but exploding over and over again needing to restart

This happened to me in the last rocket room.


There is a glitch where if you pick up a block as you die you get stuck the next time you die

Thanks for the bug report! I just replicated it. Sure wish I could fix it during the jam :D

This was super fun and the cube is somehow adorable.

That cube voice is very charming...