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Watch what it's all about here: 

If you enjoy the controller, let me know on Youtube :)

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first level: around 23 seconds using a couple shortcuts

2nd level: around 8 seconds (using the massive shortcut)

3rd level: 20 seconds, no way to speed up the spike wheel

4th level:  15 seconds using shortcuts similar to 1st level

edit: these are the times i got doing the levels separately, it's gonna be diffrent in a full run with all levels

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I think I have the speedrun wr on this, 1 minutes and 8 seconds on all 4 levels. Comment if you beat that!

Edit: I just beat it with 1:05

Edit: New record is 1:02. When I come home from school I will do a yt video and link it

Edit: new record is 1:00. Sub 1 minute will come eventually

Really nice